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On my 20th birthday, my friends gave me a gift: a sketchpad~! and two pieces of calligraphy pens. I was so excited (I hadn’t drawn anything for so long) that I immediately drew on the pages as soon as I got home.

Forgive me for the very poor quality of the pictures. I was only able to use my phone’s camera. ^^;; (click on the images to view the full size)

Front Page (January 13, 2011): I deleted the CPA part after a while, afraid that I’d get jinxed. T.T

“Rune Sage” (January 13, 2011): This was the first time that I used a calligraphy pen, so I was obviously struggling.. Drawing this one took me about an hour. I started with drawing the girl, but I didn’t know what to do with her. I thought of making a rune sage, with some sort of wind effects (to cover up some mistakes. heehee). I drew the leaves and flowers last.

“Study Time” (January 13, 2011): It was already 9pm when I had the sudden urge to draw. There was supposed to be a quiz the day after that though, so I knew I couldn’t afford to screw around. I finished drawing this in about 15 minutes.

“Fallen Angel” (January 14, 2011): I usually use permanent markers immediately than waste time sketching with pencil first (and erase it later on. Ugh, reaaally a waste of time o_o), but this one is an exception. I still managed to mess the guy up though *because during that time I was filled with anger for a certain guy. That’s all in the past though. :)* Took me more than an hour to finish this one.

I wanted to draw something that would make me feel all relaxed and stuff. Too bad I wasn’t able to finish it.. -_- (untitled and not dated since it isn’t finished yet)

“Chinese New Year” (January 15, 2011): Apparently, it was Chinese New Year then. So I came up with this. 🙂 Fail on the arm/elbow part though. -_-

I’ll probably upload some more. 🙂


Hello World~


Nami-chan here. 🙂

For the longest time now, I’ve been itching to write a fan fiction or two, but for some reason, I just can’t seem to get a move on. Being too self-conscious on my fast deteriorating “writing skills” perhaps? So I’m thinking that I can be cured maybe *crossfingers* if I start writing things again that no one can see. *Yeah Nami-chan really is just like that.*

None of my friends would be informed of the existence of this blog, so if you accidentally got here by mistake, I then welcome you to the least-visited-blog-ever in history. I’ll still try to post interesting bits here and there though every time I get to surf the net. *which is very seldom, if I may add ^^;;*

So… that’s it for the introductory post I guess. 🙂