I Scream for Ice Cream!!!


When I played Kingdom Hearts 2 (that was the summer before I went to college), a certain ice cream introduced in the game piqued my interest: the sea-salt ice cream.
 Axel and Roxas atop the tower, watching the sunset while eating sea-salt ice cream. No description was given in the game, except for the fact that it is, of course, salty.

While I knew at once that such flavor is obviously just made-up, I thought it was quite “familiar.” (who the heck in real life would want a salty ice cream? No ice cream company would make one; it surely will not sell.) But then again, Kingdom Hearts is known for fictional thingies. Like the paopu fruit from Kingdom Hearts 1.

A Paopu Fruit is a star-shaped fruit native to Destiny Islands. It resembles the star fruit. According to legend, “If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They’ll remain a part of each other’s lives no matter what.” – Quoted from http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/


…And I saw recipes for these fictional foods all over the net.

Like these ones.


Quoted from the recipe:

“Now for the important part, add sea salt. Get a good balance between the sweet and salty. Do not add too much or you may get sick from the saltiness.”

…That’s just so wrong. o_o 

Doesn’t look very edible to me.. >_<





Convinced that there truly is no such thing in real life, I dismissed my curiosity’s whining and went on with my life.

…Until I stumbled over the anime Ano Hana just a few weeks ago.

In the opening sequence appeared several times what seemed like a glaring imitation of the sea-salt ice cream. Early in the episode, Jintan, the lead character, was eating it too (the anime was set during summer). Several episodes into the anime, it was revealed that the ice cream in question actually has a name, when Jintan’s father blurted out, “Whoa! It’s Garigari-kun! How cute!”

I immediately went to search what Garigari ice cream is.

It says “Garigarikun Soda Ice Candy!” in the wrapper.


A little too dull, don’t you think? And it looks like some sort of a bath soap on a stick.

Apparently, game creator Tetsuya Nomura had one of these and exceedingly enjoyed it, so he decided to incorporate it into the game (and so that Kingdom Hearts would have some Japanese culture in it. Disney’s so owning the game, see.)

So that’s why the sea-salt ice cream was so familiar-looking to me. It’s very popular in anime. 😀

*like Pocky!*

Yummy yummy Pocky. 🙂

 (While I was looking for pictures of Pocky, I found out that there actually is a “Pocky Day.” Click the link~ http://manga.jadedragononline.com/blog/2010/11/11/pocky-day/)

Now that the sea-salt ice cream mystery is unraveled, I’m thinking of creating my own version of it. Well it’s just an ice-candied soda, isn’t it? I’m just gonna need a bottle of blue Pepsi and a popsicle stick! Oh wait, I don’t have a molder.. >.<

Thanks to the Garigari-kun research, I’m starting to crave for this one.

A waffle ice cream available at the Hanayo Korean Restaurant just across UE. The waffle is craftily designed like a fish, and is filled with soft vanilla ice cream and sweet red beans inside (more like sweet mongo). It’s only Php40! What a treat!

And this one.


An ice cream popsicle mimicking a slice of watermelon. It’s sprinkled with bits of chocolate that resemble watermelon seeds. A friend of mine said that she actually bought one at St. Thomas Square along España.

 I saw this cute anime picture many, many years ago, but I never thought that an ice cream watermelon like this actually exists. Talk about the crazy imagination of some ice cream makers!

For more information about Japanese ice cream, come and visit Alex Quinn’s website. That dude’s the luckiest guy on earth! He eats four kinds of ice cream a day. (If I were him though, I’d worry about my blood sugar). He has tasted every kind of ice cream there is in Japan and in other parts of Asia, and took pictures of them before he gobbled them down. Click the link if you’re ready to drool: http://www.alexquinn.org/japan/icecream.html


About Nami

A CPA by day and a fledgling artist by night. My heart belongs to anything creative, that is in writing and drawing (and gaming *ehem*), but I’m not regretful for pursuing the accountancy profession (mainly because it pays my bills. lol) Someday I wish to be able to actually do what I want and make a living out of it. It is one of the reasons why I started this blog, to practice my writing. It will surely take a long while to get there but the fantasy of living by the sea, listening to the soothing beach waves as I write my piece (or drawing art), keeps me going. Actually, living under a rock would be okay too. Living as a recluse is already awesome in every way. There’s just something so divine and poetic about it.

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