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What a Bum-mer


I woke up at 11:00am today. Seems like the alarm clock has given up on me. Boohoo. Anyways, I don’t feel like doing my homework just yet, so… 😀

A snapshot from the latest game I finished, Chrono Trigger (I was able to take a snapshot because I played it using an emulator. Kudos to the fast forward feature of the emulators because I’m able to finish games faster). Yeah well I have been wanting to post this. =^^=

Yeowch. I do have a life, you know? Sort of.

My gaia avatar. Kawaii~! It’s been years since I last visited that site. Time to lurk in the forums. o_O

So you see I’m a bum. Wanna join my bum group? C’mon, I know you want to. We have cookies. 😀


Death Anniversary


*This is a -very- short story.*

She could see it all so clearly.

First they’d both be realizing their parallel dreams. Once they’re already financially ready, they’d get married and she’d happily bear his surname. She’d contentedly wake up every morning and would cook his favorite meals, kiss him goodbye as he departs for his work. Each day wouldn’t be complete without hugs and kisses. She could even imagine his face smiling at her from across the table as he browses his usual morning newspaper. The smell of coffee would diffuse throughout the kitchen, her dream kitchen, her dream house, with her dream husband.

They were totally in sync and their hobbies complemented one another. She knew there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship but she knew theirs would be great. A relationship having God as its foundation can never go wrong. They’d live happily ever after.

Everyday she wakes up, she felt inspired and energized. I found him. I just know it’s him. Thank you Lord for letting me find my soul mate at such a very young age. She was so very resolute in treasuring the relationship.

Why didn’t she see it coming? He doesn’t drink coffee; he drinks hot choco. He doesn’t read newspaper in the morning; his laptop is his buddy from morning ‘til midnight. And without doubt, she’ll never be able to live happily ever after with a man who thoroughly enjoys women’s company. Once, after seeing Rihanna’s latest music video, she jokingly asked him, “What if I tell you that I want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world?” He replied, “I’m sorry but you’re asking the impossible.” He’s everybody’s confidant. Most of his friends are girls. He had friends that she didn’t even know. Eventually he told her that she’s being too jealous of everything and everyone he interacts with. He stopped treating her the way he did before. He’d go home very late and they wouldn’t even be able to text anymore. He had too many unnecessary activities and his time for her became less and less. He mingled with more women. Fights broke and everything became a haze. They were out of control. Not long after, they drifted apart and it was as if no relationship ever happened.

Having these thoughts in mind, to see her dreams crash and burn before her eyes, how can they tell her to not make it a big deal, move on, and just keep her hope alive? To hope that someday she’ll be able to love again. How can they expect her to do it if she’s already so, so scared of falling in love again..?

For months she’d wake up every morning with no motivation whatsoever. Everything she’d do would be done half-heartedly. Everything was a haze; her life had already ended because it no longer had a purpose. Each day was dragging, colorless and ethereal. No matter how beautiful the world is, it is all but a blur to a heartbroken person who’s constantly blinded with tears.

A year later, she felt her feet pulling her to the cemetery, and soon she was being drawn to a certain gravestone. She smiled wryly at it as she tossed a handful of half-withered flowers. “Happy death anniversary my dear.”

Meh. 500 words, I think I’ve lost my writing touch. It feels rushed. *well duh, I’m in a rush.* I’ll edit it once I have the time.

Anyway, interpret the story the way you like it. 🙂 Pardon me for the errors. This is raw and unedited.

Yosh~! *off to study BLT*

EDIT: Oh gosh I’ve just realized this is so emooo~ Me don’t like. Ughh. >.<