So What Have I Been Up To Lately?


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As you might have noticed, I got a new domain name and changed the previous “” to “” (Hopefully not trying too hard to sound witty. Haha). For starters, avant-garde sounds a bit too ambitious, arrogant even. Last year I really was just racking my brain for anything. I was like, “Well, I want my blog to showcase all my artistic prowess. Avant-garde would be a nice touch.” Aaaaand you know what happened. I kinda wasted my one year’s worth of domain purchase and published a pitiful number of posts.

This time, I just want my blog to feel personal. Something I will be comfortable to go back to every now and then, to share and write even my most trivial random thoughts.

For now I’ll go check on how I fared in my previous year’s New Year’s resolutions:

1) Written at least three posts a week in this blog (a total of 156 posts or more) – Nah. I was able to do six posts over the course of one year. Yes. S-I-X. Averaging one post every two months. And I’m not very proud of it. Meh.

2) Created my Let’s Play channel in Youtube and posted a couple of videos – Yes! Here’s my channel btw. (WARNING: Brace yourself for the sheer cringeworthy-ness of this channel.)

3) Finished writing at least one fantasy novel – Nah. My excuse? I chose Let’s Play over NaNoWriMo. Seriously though, how could I not do both?

4) Bought a nice Wacom pen tablet and learned to make digital arts – Yes! Sadly I never have enough time to draw. I can share this one drawing though:

3.1 (1)

I can at least share this one.

5) Made my first otome game with Eu – Nah. We realized it’s a lot harder to create a game. We’ll surely do it someday though.

6) Visited Japan – Nah. Unfortunately, the VISA requirement is still up, contrary to the rumors that it will be lifted. I learned that visiting Japan isn’t as easy as it sounds (especially if you don’t have the moolah). Got some goodies from Japan though, from friends who visited there. I will create a separate post about that.

7) Started my first business venture (whatever that would be) – Yes! It’s not exactly a solid business, but more of an investment circle. I’m now part of a group of *ehem*young*ehem* people who encourage (and pressure) one other to save and invest in different forms of businesses. It’s called “Para sa Ekonomiya.”


This is the logo I made for the group’s travel agency.

Three out of seven. Not bad isn’t it? It was at least worth a shot. 🙂

Anyways I’ll post another entry one of these days. (Surely!) 🙂


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    • Haha thank you! 😀
      Yeah I was actually supposed to just renew my old .com domain, but when I checked, they’re charging a late fee of around $60. So I was like, what the heck I’ll just create a new one! XD

      Well.. You know.. ADHD rearing its ugly head @_@

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