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Confessions of a CoC-holic


Allow me to explain.

Starting January until just lately, it was “busy season” at work (I work for an international auditing firm). I worked for 10-14 hours on a daily basis and it was extremely tiring for my poor introverted self. I needed a fast, guilt-free stress-reliever.


Now unless you live under a rock, you would know what Clash of Clans is. It’s a free mobile strategy game for Android. The community for this game is quite big in the Philippines. When I ride on jeepneys, 50% of the time, I’d catch someone open up his phone and check his CoC account. I personally didn’t like it at first–joining in the bandwagon just because it’s popular at the moment–but something changed when I heard my older sister and brother talk about it. Yuya recommended it as well. So out of curiosity, I downloaded the app and tried it. I took it as a challenge to catch up to my brother and Yuya who started playing way long before I did.

I was a casual gamer at first, but a week later I was invited to a clan (it’s a clan called “christfollowers”), and the challenge level went up a notch. I was immediately promoted to a co-leader and I never left the clan since joining. It was also interesting to have people repeatedly ask me if I really am a girl, and not believe me when I say yes–most probably because they can’t believe a girl plays CoC better than them. Ohoho~ *ehem*girl power*ehem* And soon enough, I was hooked. (And yep, this very much explains my total lack of activity lately.)

I started playing in the middle of January, and now my village looks like this:


It’s a good farming base for Townhall 7; makes it difficult for raiders to steal my hard-earned dark elixir.

coc_war mode

This one’s my war base. The goal is to keep the enemy from scoring 3 stars when they attack me during clan wars.

Personally, I think what makes the game so addicting is the community. In a clan where teamwork is the key to growth, it can be quite embarassing not to participate during clan wars, most especially if you’re one of the leaders. It’s also worth noting that if you are extremely competitive, it is hard to abandon the village you worked so hard to build. I know this personally and having Yuya on the same clan makes it difficult for me to drop my A-game.

But then again, right now I should be out there creating my game, not playing one. 🙂 *shoutout to Eu-chan. Woohoo~*

Ah well. I’m done with the addiction. Perhaps I’ll just write a “Guide to CoC” next time so I don’t put all those playing hours to waste. 😉




So I’m also playing this game: Sentou Gakuen (but I’m inactive most of the time). This is the very first Online Visual Novel that combined with MMORPG elements. In Sentou Gakuen, players are free to choose their own path. They can just study and study, do bad things at school, protect the weak, or exploit their weakness, spend money to help friends, or horde it, they can take care of themselves. They may form a club and become the most respected group of students in the school, declare war on an enemy, or an innocent bystander. And of course, students may enter into relationships.

My club info beside my student profile.

I logged in and checked my notifications.

I wondered, who the heck is that Naoe Satou? I don’t even know him but I think he’s from the same club I am in. So I clicked the accept button, just for fun.

Points at the “Status.” Oh crap. What the heck did I just click.

This isn’t even a male character’s pic.

Booyah. My very first boyfriend. And a pixelated one at that. It’s not even real. Haha.

I checked the club forum and I said hi, and everyone was like, “Oh hey Naoe, it’s your girlfriend! Wow we have witnessed the birth of a new relationship!”

I immediately logged out. *blushes* @_@

What a Bum-mer


I woke up at 11:00am today. Seems like the alarm clock has given up on me. Boohoo. Anyways, I don’t feel like doing my homework just yet, so… 😀

A snapshot from the latest game I finished, Chrono Trigger (I was able to take a snapshot because I played it using an emulator. Kudos to the fast forward feature of the emulators because I’m able to finish games faster). Yeah well I have been wanting to post this. =^^=

Yeowch. I do have a life, you know? Sort of.

My gaia avatar. Kawaii~! It’s been years since I last visited that site. Time to lurk in the forums. o_O

So you see I’m a bum. Wanna join my bum group? C’mon, I know you want to. We have cookies. 😀