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500 Days of Summer


I first heard the title from a high school friend and my first impression was, “Oh, just another cheesy, tear-jerking romance story.” But then a friend told me about this movie the other day–in a very enthusiastic way and was on the verge of crying as she narrated the synopsis. I almost decided to just let it pass since the movie is supposed to be sad, but then she added, “Hindi yun drama ah. Comedy nga eh.”

So she gave me a copy of the movie and I decided to watch it out of boredom. *Note: Nami-chan’s favorite combination of genre—comedy plus romance*

At the beginning of the movie, the narrator can be heard announcing an important note:

*after a series of sepia-toned pictures and videos that give out an air of nostalgia*

“This is a story of boy-meets-girl…

But you should know upfront, that this is not a romance story.”

It was a clever move to catch the attention of the viewer: it will get you wondering, if it isn’t a romance story then what is it? Summer is the name of the girl, and the story is narrated from the point-of-view of the boy, so what else can it be than a romance story?

Image Detail

30 minutes.. One hour.. One and a half hour into the movie. It was all a series of ordinary events (in a non-chronological order, I must add) that happens in a relationship. *Note: Summer looks like Katy Perry*

I’m not gonna elaborate on the story because there really is nothing special about it. It’s just a nice, light-hearted romantic comedy. However, the last ten minutes of the movie is genius. Finally, an exposition of what the movie really is all about: moving on.

The movie ended as I chuckled at the twist in the end; and tears rolled down as the credits started rolling up.

Genius. Really, that’s just what it is. 🙂


My favorite lines:

Summer: *after breaking Tom’s heart* Tom! Don’t go! We’re still best friends~!

Tom to Summer: You never wanted to be anybody’s girlfriend and now you’re somebody’s wife. *laughs bitterly*

2009 (500) Days of Summer wallpaper

Summer: It just happened. I just woke up one day and I knew.

Tom: Knew what?

Summer: …What I was never sure of with you.

Tom: *tears up*

2009 (500) Days of Summer wallpaper

Girl: I think I’ve seen you before… Do you ever go to Angelo’s Plaza?

Tom: Yes! That’s like, my favorite spot!

Girl: Yeah, yeah! I think I’ve seen you there.

Tom: Really? I’ve never seen you.

Girl: You mustn’t have been looking.

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Narrator: Coincidence. That’s all anything ever is. Nothing more than coincidence. There are no miracles. There’s no such thing as fate. Nothing is meant to be.

*Whoops! Gotta go! I’m gonna be late for school! again* XD
Ta ta!