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Error 404: Purpose not Found



A few years ago, a notable commercial ad aired the Philippine television screens. It made an impact to me, and without a doubt, to most Filipino viewers as well. It’s an advertisement for a popular coffee brand, and the tagline goes like this: “Para kanino ka bumabangon? (What motivates you to get up every morning?)”

Back then I would answer stuff like, “for my family,” “for my mom,” “for God.” Answering that question felt so easy, and yet until now I still find it very difficult to get up in the morning. I wonder if it has something to do with me being a heavy sleeper, but then this is still the case even when I complete my 8 hours of sleep.

Seriously though, what motivates me? Nothing seems to excite me enough to get up and start a new day. Everyday is just a routinary set of mundane tasks–work 12-14 hours a day for 5.5 days a week, and then catch up with friends and relax on the remaining 1.5 days. Those 5.5 days of work extremely dries up my energy, and I now feel like I’m living to work, rather than working to live.

No matter where I go, this is the feeling I get. Is something wrong with me, or is this career just not for me? I mean, for my current job, the pay is quite nice and it’s near our house, so what else can I ask for..right..? Well.. I would greatly appreciate even just a tiny bit more free time.

There are a few options available for me: transfer to the bpo industry (most of which is situated in the heart of the metro and would take me at least 2 hours travel time to get there–but the pay is good and the work hours are more forgiving), work abroad (quite risky but I’m feeling adventurous so why not?), or consider a career change (would definitely love a career as a writer or a graphic artist lol). Or maybe, just maybe, stay put in my current job and end my long streak of job hopping?

Whenever one is at a crossroads like this, people say, “God has a purpose why He placed you there.” I hope it gets revealed to me soon.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” –Mark Twain