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Write for the Sake of Writing!


I started this blog so I could practice my writing. Writing short stories was my past time back in my high school days–something that I was so convinced I’d be willing to do unconditionally (without pay; heck, even without readers). To me it was just my way of self-expression to stop me from going loony. 😛
On Publishing a Novel

When I was twelve (when I was still innocent and highly idealistic), I decided I wanted to do three things when I get older: publish a novel, create a manga (or better yet, an anime), and develop a game. At that time I was like, “The easiest one is the novel, so why the heck, I’ll go ahead and do it now.” More than ten years later, here I am, still looking for ways to realize my dreams. As I grew older, I developed a twisted view on the world–how it is always only about popularity and how most people undervalue real talent.

This was heightened when I read a blog post written by a Christian author named Lily: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GO VIRAL: ON WANTING TO GIVE UP. She pointed out that being popular in the internet did not help one bit in getting her motivated to write her own novel, even though she had been meaning to do it. “I’d been reading like a chain-smoker, using other people’s words to try to hide from own…I am afraid of failing, yes, but here is an uglier truth. I am also afraid of hard work. Or rather, I am afraid of hard work that goes unrecognized and unappreciated.”

We’ve all been there, writing about what’s popular at the moment, to get more followers and more views. Heck, that’s even the main reason why social media boomed. However, in this blog post If Only I Had Connections by Rick Riordan (best known for his Percy Jackson & the Olympians series), he states, “Connections, at best, might get you a slightly longer and more polite ‘no.’ They help much less than you might imagine.” The only way to be good at writing is to practice, practice, practice. Make it a habit, a lifestyle.
An Introduction: Random Shorties

Prior to starting this blog, Eu-chan asked me: “What do you want to write about ba? Current happenings? Reviews on games? Anime? Manga?” For a while, this question put me under pressure because I can’t really write on a regular basis just writing about those topics. Like most bloggers out there, I want my blog to be something personal, something I can browse when I get older, and go like, “Oh, this reminds me of the time when I was like this and like that…”

In the past, I only had sheer interest in writing fictional stories. Hence I’ll start working on “random shorties” to incorporate daily musings into short fictional stories (hopefully always with heart and a lesson in the end). This way I will be able to post regularly and practice my prose as well.

So yeah. That’s it. 🙂 See you on my next post!

“If I waited till I felt like writing, I’d never write at all.” –Anne Tyler


Debut as a Literary Editor


Yeah, I got appointed as the literary editor of the first official UE JPIA paper. Not glad with the extra responsibilities, but I was happy nonetheless because I get to draw comic strips.


There was one huge problem though. I’m a certified procrastinator.


The week after the appointment, I totally blew off my weekends, dozed off, and did random stuff I can’t even remember doing anymore. The night before classes resumed, Shei, the editor-in-chief, texted the staff that all articles are due the day after. Technically, I hadn’t done anything yet. Zilch. Nada. Totally zero. But I didn’t want to disappoint Mr. editor-in-chief (for personal reasons >.<) so I rushed off and did my best to finish one short story, a picture of that short story, a speech bubble character, and at least two comic strips. I started at 9pm and finished at around 3am I think. No more drafts and revisions and scratch papers and stuff.

This might be the corniest comic strip I’ve done to date. But who cares, I didn’t place my name in it. (–,)


You might be asking, why name her like that? It was the time pressure okay, and I couldn’t come up with a better name with the initials CPA. :p


And this one is a UE student caricature. I really have no heart for editorial cartooning because they make drawing really heavy and inky and messy—not my style—but I had to, so there ‘ya go.


Oh yeah~~ Boy Backup strikes again.

If you don’t get the banat, well you know, of all the fixed assets–buildings, machineries and equipment, etc.–only land appreciates in value over time instead of depreciating. And lupa = land. Gets? Hehe.


I wanted to post this already, and I believe I wouldn’t break any breach of secrecy or anything by doing so. Still, I apologize that I posted it in here even before the publishing date of the paper. It barely matters though. Only a couple of people know about the existence of this blog anyway. :p