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So What Have I Been Up To Lately?


Photo credits: http://www.flickr.comThiNoVN


As you might have noticed, I got a new domain name and changed the previous “avantgardewallflower.com” to “mejustbeing.me” (Hopefully not trying too hard to sound witty. Haha). For starters, avant-garde sounds a bit too ambitious, arrogant even. Last year I really was just racking my brain for anything. I was like, “Well, I want my blog to showcase all my artistic prowess. Avant-garde would be a nice touch.” Aaaaand you know what happened. I kinda wasted my one year’s worth of domain purchase and published a pitiful number of posts.

This time, I just want my blog to feel personal. Something I will be comfortable to go back to every now and then, to share and write even my most trivial random thoughts.

For now I’ll go check on how I fared in my previous year’s New Year’s resolutions:

1) Written at least three posts a week in this blog (a total of 156 posts or more) – Nah. I was able to do six posts over the course of one year. Yes. S-I-X. Averaging one post every two months. And I’m not very proud of it. Meh.

2) Created my Let’s Play channel in Youtube and posted a couple of videos – Yes! Here’s my channel btw. (WARNING: Brace yourself for the sheer cringeworthy-ness of this channel.) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2sDMedNcYcdvv1tivupGAg

3) Finished writing at least one fantasy novel – Nah. My excuse? I chose Let’s Play over NaNoWriMo. Seriously though, how could I not do both?

4) Bought a nice Wacom pen tablet and learned to make digital arts – Yes! Sadly I never have enough time to draw. I can share this one drawing though:

3.1 (1)

I can at least share this one.

5) Made my first otome game with Eu – Nah. We realized it’s a lot harder to create a game. We’ll surely do it someday though.

6) Visited Japan – Nah. Unfortunately, the VISA requirement is still up, contrary to the rumors that it will be lifted. I learned that visiting Japan isn’t as easy as it sounds (especially if you don’t have the moolah). Got some goodies from Japan though, from friends who visited there. I will create a separate post about that.

7) Started my first business venture (whatever that would be) – Yes! It’s not exactly a solid business, but more of an investment circle. I’m now part of a group of *ehem*young*ehem* people who encourage (and pressure) one other to save and invest in different forms of businesses. It’s called “Para sa Ekonomiya.”


This is the logo I made for the group’s travel agency.

Three out of seven. Not bad isn’t it? It was at least worth a shot. 🙂

Anyways I’ll post another entry one of these days. (Surely!) 🙂


Mess Up That Clean Slate: Make Forecasts, Not Resolutions


It’s that time of the year again, to say bye bye to your old self and to give birth to the endless possibilities of the coming year. A new chance to start on a clean slate.

I’m not fan of New Year’s resolutions though. It’s so easy to mess up resolutions in as early as week one. You know why? Because unexpected things happen that are out of our control, and that’s really just part of life. We just have to be flexible enough to deal with it and carry on after initial ‘failures’. So stop crying in that pity corner if you messed up as early as now. 😀

In accounting, we do this thing called forecasting. We get data from the previous year and make a reasonable prediction for the coming year. Then by the end of that year, we get the variances between the actual result and the forecast, and analyze what caused them.

I think it would be nice to apply it in our personal lives. They’re technically like goals, but goals sound more grand and daunting. Forecasts just sound more comfortingly achievable, and it’s kind of empowering to look at them as predictions that can actually happen.

What’s wrong with resolutions is that they’re so basic, that we easily get discouraged once we mess up. So rather than making the common New Year’s resolutions, I made these personal “forecasts” to focus more on the big picture. By the end of 2015, I would have:

1) Written at least three posts a week in this blog (a total of 156 posts or more)

forecast 1

2) Created my Let’s Play channel in Youtube and posted a couple of videos

forecast 2

3) Finished writing at least one fantasy novel

forecast 3

4) Bought a nice Wacom pen tablet and learned to make digital arts

forecast 4

5) Made my first otome game with Eu

forecast 5

6) Visited Japan

forecast 6

7) Started my first business venture (whatever that would be)

forecast 7

These are my life-long dreams, and it’s incredibly overwhelming to think that I will start pursuing them all this year. But then again, when else will I start? For every goal, we need to take action. After all, how can we reach where we want to be, if we’re not even willing to take the first step?

With that said, have a fantastic year and don’t be afraid of smudging dirt on that clean 2015 slate. What’s important is that you don’t easily get discouraged by failures. Never give up on your dreams no matter how seemingly far they would seem. (Of course I’m talking to myself as well. lol)

Good luck to us! 🙂

[Credit: cartoons drawn using ericthecircle.com]