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Write for the Sake of Writing!


I started this blog so I could practice my writing. Writing short stories was my past time back in my high school days–something that I was so convinced I’d be willing to do unconditionally (without pay; heck, even without readers). To me it was just my way of self-expression to stop me from going loony. 😛

On Publishing a Novel

When I was twelve (when I was still innocent and highly idealistic), I decided I wanted to do three things when I get older: publish a novel, create a manga (or better yet, an anime), and develop a game. At that time I was like, “The easiest one is the novel, so why the heck, I’ll go ahead and do it now.” More than ten years later, here I am, still looking for ways to realize my dreams. As I grew older, I developed a twisted view on the world–how it is always only about popularity and how most people undervalue real talent.

This was heightened when I read a blog post written by a Christian author named Lily: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GO VIRAL: ON WANTING TO GIVE UP. She pointed out that being popular in the internet did not help one bit in getting her motivated to write her own novel, even though she had been meaning to do it. “I’d been reading like a chain-smoker, using other people’s words to try to hide from own…I am afraid of failing, yes, but here is an uglier truth. I am also afraid of hard work. Or rather, I am afraid of hard work that goes unrecognized and unappreciated.”

We’ve all been there, writing about what’s popular at the moment, to get more followers and more views. Heck, that’s even the main reason why social media boomed. However, in this blog post If Only I Had Connections by Rick Riordan (best known for his Percy Jackson & the Olympians series), he states, “Connections, at best, might get you a slightly longer and more polite ‘no.’ They help much less than you might imagine.” The only way to be good at writing is to practice, practice, practice. Make it a habit, a lifestyle.

An Introduction: Random Shorties

Prior to starting this blog, Eu-chan asked me: “What do you want to write about ba? Current happenings? Reviews on games? Anime? Manga?” For a while, this question put me under pressure because I can’t really write on a regular basis just writing about those topics. Like most bloggers out there, I want my blog to be something personal, something I can browse when I get older, and go like, “Oh, this reminds me of the time when I was like this and like that…”

In the past, I only had sheer interest in writing fictional stories. Hence I’ll start working on “random shorties” to incorporate daily musings into short fictional stories (hopefully always with heart and a lesson in the end). This way I will be able to post regularly and practice my prose as well.

So yeah. That’s it. 🙂 See you on my next post!

“If I waited till I felt like writing, I’d never write at all.” –Anne Tyler


I Know What I Did Last Summer


I attended review classes at NRC last summer (in preparation for the 2012 CPA board exam—a little too overexcited, I know) which lasted for more than two months. But since it was summer and it was always so hot outside that laziness got the better of me, (and dude, isn’t summer supposed to be all about relaxation?! >.<), plus, selecting clothes to wear everyday is not something I’m good at, so I decided to just attend when I feel like it. I’d only come there like, twice or thrice a week on average; four times in a week tops. Someone even told me I was always MIA, “missing in action,” so some important things that happened during the review were left unknown to me (not for long though), but don’t get me started on that. :p


I loved staying at home where I could entertain myself to no end, because at times, the summer heat would get into my head and the emo virus would strike out of the blue.. but don’t get me started on that either. :p


So anyway, everyone was curious about what I usually did at home, and a friend guessed that most probably, I was trying to finish all of the games available to me because I’m such an addict. While that may be true, I actually spent most of my time staying at home playing random videogames, watching tv, bullying my nieces and nephew (my favorite), marathoning anime shows, and cleaning my room. There were times that I went out with my family of course, like during those times we went to Banchetto and other similarly interesting places, but I’d rather not mention them.


I’m gonna have a separate post for the games and anime I have been busying myself with recently, so here are just the other random thingies.


Random pictures I took while I was cleaning my room:


I originally wanted to post this as if Miles Edgeworth and Kay Faraday (“Ace Attorney Investigations” characters) are examining my room. It’s too troublesome to write dialogues though, because it’s been three months since I’ve played the game. I might make them OOC. Sidenote: I’m so craving for Pocky right now. 😥


What is Haruhi doing…?? (note: don’t mind my messy hair :p)

Ahh.. Molesting Mikuru again, I see. 🙂

  Oh noez! Kurapika’s gonna kill meeehh!


Trying to act more scared. o_o

 There are more posters in my room but I could only take pictures of these two because they’re plastered on my door: Kurapika in front (to scare off trespassers :)) and Haruhi at the back. All the others are not within my reach to take pictures of (with me of course). Teehee. :p


This picture was taken years ago. Why four roses? Don’t ask me. :p Oh, and that thing holding the flowers up isn’t a real vase, just so you know. Can you guess what it is?


I saw the dried, flattened, and withered version of these flowers kept neatly inside a brown envelope and thought of throwing them away, but I decided against it. It’s not everyday that you get to receive four roses in a single bouquet, you know?


The summer ended up with a bang when Kat decided to take us out to Bonifacio Highstreet on a whim.

Sugary sweet Lemondrop cupcake, available at Cupcakes by Sonja. Mega thanks for the treat Kat!